How my August 2018 Turned Out

August felt like forever.

It was so far my busiest month and my mind isn’t even prepared for it. I have been overthinking things and sometimes I’m not thinking before I say something. I felt like crap.

On the bright side, I had a blast this month. There were lots of good music, new experiences, new firsts, and so much more.

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LIFE ~ aka unexpected cool things I did in August

  • For the first time ever, I had the privilege to become part of the board of judges on an activity at school.
  • I sang a lot on the karaoke machine and ate SO MUCH during the Parish fiesta, which was always fun, which also happened this month.
  • We had intramurals at school, there we a lot of activities that I didn’t participate to because I’m totally not into sports. But it was really fun cheering my friends and I really think that my cheering skills were good luck. We were the overall champion. Hehe 😂
  • I was one of the first aiders during our earthquake drill. It was a new experience for me and below, I wrote a LOL moment that made it even more memorable for me.
  • I went to Hannah’s 18th birthday party and YAS it was so much fun meeting my old friends. And something awesome and memorable and all heart eyes happened that night. ❤
  • I went camping.
  • I won a pageant. Totally unexpected.

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LOL MOMENTS ~ funny (at least for me) moments in August

  • As I’ve said above, I was one of the first aiders during the earthquake drill at school. Aira and I were assigned in some sections in the 7th Grade. We picked 2 students who will act that they got hurt and had an injury during the earthquake drill and we told them the “no laughing policy” I made up and to take the drill seriously. So when the drill started, we rushed to the room and we saw the two students lying on the floor and they were literally CRYING!!! 😂 They were in their best positions and it almost looked like it was legit XD I really wanted to laugh SO HARD but ugh I should’ve never told them the “no laughing policy” because I couldn’t stand it 😂 The other one was even shouting “help” nonstop and I can’t help but think he’s feeling like he’s in a movie audition or something. I was even bandaging his wound already yet he still wouldn’t stop shouting. That kid was really hilarious XD.
  • So I have this laughing disorder (*cough*Bayance*cough*) and once you make me laugh – even when there are people watching – I won’t stop laughing. I wish I know how to stop me, though. Two of my classmates (my cousin & my crush) had this presentation at school and at the end of their presentation, there was a long paragraph and they asked someone to read it. I volunteered because I love reading you know XD And it was unexpected that it had lots of romantic stuff and it was awkward because my crush is just in front and all my friends were laughing already and teasing me and saying “yiiiieee” and I couldn’t stop giggling. It was so humiliating 😂 I was really trying my best to stop because the words I utter weren’t understandable anymore. I sounded like a dying alien. The worst part is I was only in the middle of reading SO I had to finish it, while sounding like a dying alien. I ended up with a really red face and my classmates were all laughing and… argh. Yep, ryry, you’re really good at embarrassing yourself 😂.

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BOOKS ~ stories I’ve read in August

Girl Made of Stars // Ashley Herring Blake

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.5)

“I think every girl has a thing or two, tiny details in her life that says This is me. I’m done hiding. I’m done feeling ashamed.”

I actually wrote a book review about this and I SO loved this book. This book covers the concept of Women Empowerment, LGBTQ, music, sexual assault, and resiliency. This book is definitely a must-read. The cover though!! It’s gorgeous 😍

If There's No Tomorrow // Jennifer ArmentroutIf There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer Armentrout ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5)

“Waiting is too risky. There’s no bad time to tell someone you love them.”

I absolutely don’t regret reading this. I loved the characters, the plot twist, the whole story. This makes you realize how important friends are and how you should go on with life even when you feel like it’s over. Because it’s not until you’re gone. This really inspired me and this will always have a special place in my heart. Jennifer Armentrout’s one-liners are so freaking hilarious 😂 It’s impossible to get bored 😂 This also makes you feel different kinds of emotions. On one chapter you were just laughing so much then the other crying and the next one shattering.


Autoboyography by Christina Lauren ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.5)

“I know it hurts and it feels like it will never be okay again, but it will. Someday. You’ll wake up and feel like it will hurt a little less and a little less, until some boy or girl is smiling at you and it makes you stupid all over again.”

This is such a great book about LGBTQ. Wow, I’ve been reading lots of LGBTQ lately 😂 The dialogues were very spontaneous and funny as hell. The way Christina Lauren writes is superb. Very relatable & super kiligggg. This book is that kind of book you don’t expect so much to love but you did and so much more ❤

Turtles All the Way Down // John Green

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5)

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.” -Robert Frost

God I love how John Green writes. I just realized now that I’ve read most books written by John Green than other books. And I am SO in love with how he writes. It’s just so perfect. For less than 200 pages, I’ve learned so much from this book. And I didn’t know that Aza’s (the main character) condition was a thing? I loved how friendships were developed in this book, how mysteries were solved, and how poetic Davis is. And heyyy, 5 stars? Isn’t that something.

Favorite Character: Megan from If There’s No Tomorrow. She reminds me of Karen Smith from Mean Girls. I love Karen so much 😂❤


Fictional Character Crush: Sebastian from If There’s No Tomorrow.

Favorite Book of the Month: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

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PLAYLIST ~ songs I listen to

  • Thru These Tears – LANY
  • Day 1 – HONNE
  • 1950 – King Princess
  • Talia – King Princess
  • Holy – King Princess
  • Emoji of a Wave – John Mayer
  • Rosie – John Mayer
  • Where I Stand – Mia Wray
  • Midnight Sky – Unique
  • What i like about u – Dante Klein & Jantine (Thanks, Regina!)
  • Happy Now – Zedd & Elley Duhe

Song of the Month:  Day 1 // HONNE

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POSTS ~ what i wrote on the blog

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Post of the Month:

I went camping.

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OTHER STUFF ~ random stuff in August

  • Hannah Kathleen talks about how she survived high school with the best inspirational sayings which, you REALLY need right now.
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before aired last August 17 and we’re all fangirling. Have you seen it too? Let’s fangirl belowwww!!!
  • I wrote another song called “If We Could Go Back”. Lyrics are here.
  • I’ve been active on Twitter again (well, a bit) and you can follow me (@omgryry) and let’s be twitter buddies!
  • I updated my TBR list as you can see on my sidebar ;)!!
  • Your girl became the Ambassadress of Young Leaders 2018 and I’ll represent the whole division next year like OH MY GOD.


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WHAT’S HOT ~ things u need to check out on the blogosphere

  • Kimberly Eleanor Clark shares a photo dump of her summer on her awesome blawg like don’t miss out – you need. to. see. it. NOW.
  • Ana Regina and her fashion reviews are THE BEST. Check out her fashion reviews on VMAs red carpet in Diversion3000!
  • Elm is moving away to college and she shares how she’s feeling about it on her blog!!
  • Check out Mark’s new blog!!! I MEAN REALLY CHECK IT OUR BECAUSE! IT’S MARK! AND HIS TALENT! ASDFGHJJK i can’t even! 😂
  • Manessah B. and her writings are UGH 😍 Check out another one of her couch talks!
  • Ally changes her Blog Name and Design and UGH I’m obsessed 😍
  • Have you heard about the Mysterious Would You Rather Tag? Bayance created it and I’mma do it on my next post! Check out Bay’s original post!!!
  • Mia and her Walking Down The Beach Playlist is seriously the most fab of all the fabs ever!!! Her playlist is legit all good music ❤❤❤
  • Sapphire shares her fave book covers that are wayyyyy too pretty you have to check it out!!!
  • Wambby hits 100+ followers!! Aaaah anyone who isn’t following her is SO missing out! Follow her ASAP!

Newly Discovered Blog I Love: Simply Sapphire Song by Sapphire. Guys, do check out her blog! Where was I the whole time that I haven’t seen her blog? She has such an awesome blog and she does this random story posts that are funny, relatable, and uh-mazing! She’s also really nice and talented!!!! ❤

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WRITINGS ~ random words I wrote


They can’t see her

Shattering heart inside

All they see is the perfect girl

In the perfect dress

And the perfect smile

They can’t see her

Clouding sadness inside

Will anybody take her as she is?

Even when she makes mistakes?

She felt like a runaway princess

With her heart shattering into million pieces

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AUGUST GOALS ~ my goals last month

Create a new daily schedule APPARENTLY I DID. FOR SCHOOL.



Be more focused on Research Paper THE DEFENSE WENT GREAT SO YEAH

Be more mature slash make wiser life decisions YES. I THINK I’M GETTING MORE MATURE XD

Write a book review YUP


Get High Honors (pretty please) THE GRADES AREN’T OUT YET. SO LET’S CROSS THIS OUT.

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SEPTEMBER GOALS ~ my goals this month

Post photos.

Post a book review. Or two.

Read 6 books.

Do more outdoor activities. Aka don’t hide in your bedroom?

Get High Honors

Study harderrr

Don’t procrastinate on taking notes


Time Management. Don’t forget that.

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QUOTES ~ quotable quotes from a book

It’s a weird phrase in English, in love, like it’s a sea you drown in or a town you live in. You don’t get to be in anything else-in friendship or in anger or in hope. All you can be in is love.

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How was your August?? OH MY GOSH time went by so fast during the beginning of September and it took almost forever for this post to be published 😂 Sorry about that. Anyway, when will your school year start? How was your summer??? You know what to do (let’s rant about it!!!!) 😉😂

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20 thoughts on “How my August 2018 Turned Out

  1. Omg it seems like you had a very productive month omg mine in comparison is posting, going walking and watching youtube lol 😛 Congrats for that, you did SO MUCH!!
    I hope you reach all your goals for september, I think you are!!! 🙂 ❤
    And thank you so much for mentioning me, I'm so happy you like my fashion reviews!!!!! *screams* 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, ha-ha.
    Thanks so much, Gal.
    I’ve never expected to be promoted in here, I mean 😂

    Btw, I guess where listening to the same Album.
    Check out “Crying over you ft. Beka ”
    Cause it’s 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    Also, your poem was so good! Sometimes I try to write poetry… and it doesn’t really work. 😂😂
    I hope you get into high honors!!! Good luck!! 🍀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!! 😍💖 *virtual hugs back* 😂 Ah THANK YOU!!!! 😂 Oh my goodness I think your poetry’s fine! I mean u should share it! Mine’s just scribbled words on a paper and then I call it poetry already 😂 Anw, THANK YOU!!!! 💘 Actually the grades were out today and eerrrr, i don’t know 😂😂😂 XOXOXO

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for the mention in your post, Mary!!! I’m so honored and humbled! You are so sweet, my friend! 😍😍

    It sounds like you’re having an exciting August so far and I hope it gets even more exciting for you!! Much love to you, lovely! Stay beautiful and amazing!! ☺️💖✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very much welcome, Manessah!! ❤❤❤

      Yeah I did have an amazing time!!! 😊 Thank you thank you THANK YOU! 😍😘💕

      Liked by 1 person

  5. um it’s all bc of school so I’m missing out from the blogosphere I MISSED YOU. And I am such a proud potato (yep, potato joke right back atcha) – you accomplished SO much in August!! and damn girl kalsjfalksdf shout out to the next VS angel! you look like a pro up there – you’re the 3 from the left, right? gosh love your formatting for the book covers – teach me your ways. My goodness the “lol moments” 😂😂😂good luck on your goals, and have a wonderful month! ya girl needs to say more, but she has a damn test tmr, so *salutes* I WILL BE BACK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I missed you too!! How’s school???? Thank you, Kim! 😍❤❤❤ WHAT? I MEAN AMDNVCEHVFNDSDBJHG 😂😂😂 Kelsey Merritt’s walking on the VS Fashion Show like she’s the first Filipino to ever do that 🤯😂 I’m too short but I’m hoping for a miracle 😂😂😂 Yes, the one on the middle XD Aw thank you for appreciating that 😊 Like your blog post formats are THE BEST!! Thank you thank you thank you!! 😊😊 Wait, what? You have a test? Good luck on that!!! 😁🤞 *salutes* 😂 xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ah school school school… it’s Wednesday and I’m hoping that it’s Friday today 😂 Kelsey Merritt’s making history gal! #AsianRep Why is it that we, as short people, need to suffer?? Currently I’m the shortest in my family, so um yeah 😂 haha thanks!! surprisingly I did well on that test (but I’m looking at my calendar and there’s a quiz already lined up) (and I did a quiz today also) ughhhhhhh I just miss summer when I can reply to all comments on the same day as a post was published and commenting on my fav blogs 😭 Still remember that one time in August or something when we were both online at the same time XD love ya girl xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well thank god we’re not midgets 😂😂😂 Aaaah I’m so proud of you!! *hugs* 😂 I can totally relate, I just had a quiz yesterday and the other day 😂 OMG i remember!! it was in August! I wonder when it might happen again? XD love ya too girl ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Sorry for how long it took me to read this lovely girl! (Been INSANELY busy!) Thank you for the mention, I’m so glad you liked my playlist 🙂 It honestly sounds like you had such a busy August, but it was filled with great moments which is what’s important. I hope you get some breathing room in September! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI ❤ I LOVE your playlist, especially now that I’m currently playing Ocean Eyes on loop 😂 Thanks so much, Mia!! 💖 It means a lot! xoxo


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