All about Christmas (Songs, Movies, Graphics, Fonts & Blogs to follow!) // Happy Blogmas!

Hi, everyone! It’s me again, your favorite coffee girl ☕ There is nothing better than reading a post which recommends you great essentials on Christmas Day, right? Not only that, but also great blogs you totally need to follow, which I’m gonna be sharing in this post 🙂

Christmas Songs

We only get to play Christmas Songs during Christmas season, which means we should pick the best ones! Last year, I’ve discovered Us The Duo’s Christmas song covers and I fell in love with it. So I planned on making a playlist of all their covers as my official Christmas playlist this year! Sure, traditional Christmas songs are like no other but why not give it a twist and hear new voices sing it? You should totally try to lend an ear to Us The Duo’s Christmas song covers ❤

Christmas Movies

Whenever I think of Christmas, I never miss remembering the movie “The Polar Express”. It used to be my favorite Christmas movie as a kid and it still is now. I love the songs in that movie and it can really give you perfect Christmas vibes. If you haven’t seen it, make sure to at least consider on adding it on your movie playlist!

Favorite Christmas Graphics

As a blogger, looking for the perfect graphics to use on your blog is an important thing. Whenever I think of graphics, there are only 3 trusted sites I go to. Are you feeling lucky? Cause I’m gonna share my favorites to you 😉

Favorite Christmas Fonts

I’m the kind of person who loves fonts as much as I love food. 2 of my go-to Christmas fonts are AR CARTER and Bakery.

Favorite Blogs

Now, as promised, I’ll be sharing some of the best blogs I know here on WordPress! Promoting another blog on my blog is like giving you a present with a whole lot of content inside. I’ve been inactive for almost a month but I still managed to take a peek on the following blogs because I just can’t resist not to. Anyway, it feels great to share my favorite blogs with you because for this little act, I think I can make someone out there smile. Merry Christmas!

That’s it for today! Hope you found something useful in this post 😁. Happy Blogmas and Merry Christmas in advance to all of you who reads my blog!!! I can’t thank you enough 💕

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My Moments of November: The ups, downs, and something in between.

Hi, lovelies! It’s me again, spilling out life events from my not-so-good November.

Let’s start with something positive.
On November first, a friend from England [I met here on the blogosphere] sent me a present because she said she loves my blog ❤ I received it on 24th November, and they were printed copies of her book series she published online! And a letter that literally made me cry from joy. Ugh, I love her ❤❤❤

Her name’s Claire Cramphorn and she is an amazing writer. She kind of went on a hiatus since last year because she had to finish writing these books. But she was one of the first people to ever appreciate my blog and my writing. She’s one of the first bloggers who left a comment on my posts, especially during the copycat blogger issue. I’ve always wondered where she went and I was just so surprised and excited when I received her email telling me that she adores my blog and that she wants to send me gifts! Her heart is SO full of love. We need more people as lovely as her in this world 💖

If you wanna know more about her, visit her site at and learn about her books! (I actually just started reading the first book and I’m loving it.)

So, Thank you, Claire! I feel so honored to be chosen as one of the recipients of your books!

Now, for something really negative…

While I was sitting on the couch, reading the first chapter of Claire’s book, my cousin (and also my neighbor) came running to our yard crying “Grandpa’s not waking up!” and so we ran to their house and it was so heartbreaking when we saw my grandpa lying there, breathless. I didn’t know what to do, my cousin was crying so hard and she was trying to contact their family but no one would pick up. My grandma was with us and she told us that he’s already cold – that’s he’s already gone. I don’t know what kind of sadness that was that crept inside of me.

I lived my whole life in this place without missing a single day not seeing him. My grandpa and I were not that close but we were always there for each other. I miss him. I miss him a lot. Every time I hear someone talking outside, he’s the first person I remember. I got used to seeing him everyday while he’s taking care of his animals when I’m outside. That’s why I never feared being out in our yard looking at the night sky because he was always there. Now, who’s gonna be there?

His funeral lasted for a week. Families and friends came and reunited once again. Grandpa’s burial was last November 30. Things got worse when my grandma started shaking and crying. She couldn’t speak and she couldn’t control her legs – it just kept shaking. Even her mouth was shaking. We were really worried so we sent her to the hospital. She’s okay now and she’s healing, and I’m so glad that she’s back home again 🙂

Now for another two events I wanna share to wrap this post up, I aced the final defense!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Another thing is that after 3 long years, Campus Teen is back! It’s a pageant organized by the English department in our school. I joined 3 years ago and I won so I had to turn over the crown to this year’s Campus Teen.

The theme this year was K-pop (basically because it’s a trend here in the Philippines? Sometimes I find it disturbing when everything I hear and see here is Korean-related. The colonial mentality, people.)

Anyway, this was how my look turned out:


Super thanks to my designated stylist since 2015, Rachelle Madrigal. You’re the reason why I never learn to apply makeup on my own. You’re the best 💘

Okay, that’s it for this post! Hope I bored you with my boring life updates 😆 Anyway, how are you all doing? Tell me the hottest gossip you wanna share 😉

Keep shining ✨

NOTE: I couldn’t blog for days because my laptop is broken and I was trying to figure out how to fix it and but I horribly failed so here I am (I didn’t want to blog using a phone because it’s super hard when it comes to editing and all that but I JUST COULDN’T RESIST NOT BLOGGING.) So yeah, I missed you! And YEP, the book review I promised to publish can’t be published because the PC isn’t opening. that’s all xx


Hi, lovelies! It’s been a whileee since I’ve been here and I feel weird 😳 Anyways, I just wanna let you know that I’m going on a Hiatus for over a couple weeks again, I think? There’s a lot of things going on here right now which means I can’t blog that much too. I’ll be back by December and I’ll make sure to be here during Blogmas 🎄🎉

I just have some things to sort out. Miss you already 💓

Love always. Ryry

How my October 2018 Turned Out

Hello, loves! I know it’s been quite a while and this went out late but I’m still sharing with you How my October 2018 Turned Out! throws confetti If you’ve missed my last month’s wrap-up post, click HERE.arrow3


I didn’t really take notes of what happened to me – which is surprising – like, I ALWAYS write. But then I remember that I’ve been too busy running my boutique and ordering new clothes and decorating the place and all that AND I’ve been flipping, fixing, and designing houses for the past weeks – in my phone. Yas, people, I’ve been addicted to games again and I have like 6 different dress-up games in my phone like how?!?!
Papa and my brother went home (they already left) and I had funnn. I’m almost always home alone that’s why when the house is filled with 5 people, I get crazy. Like, really crazily wild. I also competed again in feature writing this time in the Division level and there’s this one thing I discovered after that: I’m NOT a feature writer. I feel like I lived 6 years of a lie XD I enjoy creative writing more than I do in feature writing. I’m happy though that I finally found my place in writing.
Two of my friends celebrated their 18th birthday in October and I discussed how I had a blast and completely drained out of energy in a previous post. That was probably the highlight of my month because I had so much fun during those nights.
I mentioned in a post before that I finally got a phone AFTER 3 YEARS. That’s why when I brought my phone to school, my friends and classmates were like WHOAH YOU FINALLY HAVE A PHONE and they wouldn’t stop teasing me every single time they see me. Thankfully, they stopped doing that halfway in October so yeah.


Post of the month: Untitled design (27)


I only read one book in October. I know, I know. you don’t have to point it out * sobs *Undead Girl Gang

Undead Girl Gang
Lily Anderson
Loved this book. I was really about to post a book review before November but I procrastinated… A LOT. Don’t worry, the review will be on my next post so watch out!
Favorite character of the month: June
Fictional crush of the month: It was supposed to be Xander but then… (just read my review. Soon.) Book of the month: HAHA OBVIOUSLY


Favorite song: Watch // Billie Eilish
Favorite blogger: Kimberly // Free Perspectives
Favorite quotes: “Be who you needed when you were younger.”
Favorite posts:



Don’t ever try to redesign your blog again you overly decisive human being I’M CRYING
✔Go to reader more often
✖ Have at least 3 major accomplishments this month LOL
✖ Get back on track with ya sched, girl. HAHAHAHHAHHAHA
✔Stay industrious in taking notes
✖ Finish your research paper UM.. CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE?
Ace the defense
✖ Post 2 book reviews LOL WHAT?
✖ Read 3 books? Hehehehe HEHEHEHHE
✖ Say yes more to opportunities I’M SORRY, WHAT OPPORTUNITIES?
✔Post photos
✖ Post poem!
✔Write about stars AGAIN



Don’t be too addicted to video games
Be more productive
Finish your research paper
Ace the defense
Read 2 books.
Post 2 book reviews
Read more blogs
Become a little more active on your socials
Work out
Play 3 Billie Eilish songs on guitar
Enjoy lifearrow3


Sorry for being away for a couple of weeks. I hope I won’t disappear like that again.
Untitled design (41) Shout out to my lovely friend, Claire Cramphorn for sending me an email that made my whole year ❤ Thank you for the early Christmas present! xx
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List of things I do when bored

Bored? Don’t worry cause I got your back – here are my recs on things you can do when you get super bored!

This works for me, so it’ll work for you too! Trust me, I have a really boring life 😂 JK. I’m almost always home alone and I’m certainly not the outgoing type so I’ve listed some things that I do to not be bored all throughout the day locked in my bedroom. Okay, kidding on the “locked” part but yeah, you get the point. Now let’s move on.


  1. Listen to music
  2. Sing
  3. Dance-like-no-one’s-watching
  4. Draw
  5. Do household chores
  6. Surf the internet
  7. E-A-T
  8. Dress up
  9. Write
  10. Play instrument (e.g. guitar, flute)
  11. Read blogs
  12. Text with friends
  13. Laugh at memes
  14. Watch TV
  15. Watch a movie I’ve seen before or a new one
  16. Read my precious books
  17. Stare at the ceiling while drowning in thoughts
  18. Take selfies [and delete ‘em all]
  19. Take photos outside
  20. Talk to my cat or dog
  21. Walk my dog
  22. Read the letters I’ve received before
  23. Clean my room
  24. Organize my closet
  25. Watch YouTube
  26. DIY stuff
  27. Talk to myself
  28. Recall embarrassing moments & laugh at myself
  29. Cuddle with my teddy bear
  30. Sleep.

How about you? What do you do when you’re bored? Which one do you have the same on your list? Tell me ❤


October 2018 Playlist

I feel like it’s only been yesterday since I posted my September Playlist and now it’s November????

Don’t tell me I have to put Christmas decorations tomorrow because I horribly fail at that. Happy Halloween, kids. I hope I could go to a Halloween party because I wanna do Harley Quinn so bad but we don’t usually do Halloween celebrations in the Philippines like boo.

Anyways, let’s talk music 🎶 So without further ado, here’s my playlist for the month of October!



Ryry’s October 2018 Playlist

Bored – Billie Eilish
Watch – Billie Eilish
1950 – King Princess
Talia – King Princess
Malibu Nights – LANY
I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore – LANY
Run – LANY
Bellyache – Billie Eilish
When The Party’s Over – Billie Eilish
Six Feet Under – Billie Eilish
idontwannabeyouanymore – Billie Eilish
Thick and Thin – LANY
The One – Kodaline
All I Want – Kodaline
High Hopes – Kodaline
Dead – Madison Beer
Daughters – John Mayer
Taking Me Back – LANY

… and a lot more. I really don’t want to turn this into a songbook so let me stop 😂


Sooo… hi again. I haven’t been posting for a while now because I needed a break (like some of you told me to) and now I’m really really better than I was before. Thank you for not going away ❤

Do you know any of the songs I listed? What’s your current fave song? Can you recommend me to listen to a great artist you know? You know what to do – comment away!

Love you from the bottom of my diamond-shaped heart lol

xo, ryry




Life updates // me & my boring life

I just spilled coffee all over my favorite baggy shirt and now I’m typing on my laptop about how bad my day already turned out at only 9 in the morning.

Last Friday, I went to JM’s 18th birthday party and that night was pretty awesome. I spent the rest of the night laughing and singing and eating with my friends and I got home at past 1. I think I might have slept before 2.

I woke up at 6 and I couldn’t fall back to sleep again. I only had 4 hours of sleep after my energy drained last night.

So yeah… I spent my Saturday inside the house (lol as usual) playing video games, reading books, and surfing the internet. It’s Floresa’s 18th birthday too and I decided not to come to her party because a) I have not regained my energy last night XD c) I’m too lazy to look for what I will wear and c) Mama won’t let me.

Before 6 pm, I was chatting with my friends on Facebook until they said they’re gonna log out already to prepare for Flor’s party. And I was like

What am I supposed to do on a Saturday night???

My inner voice told me to play Harvest Moon because my character’s gonna give birth soon but I’m not gonna lie to myself, being with my friends is a lot more fun than that.

But Mom won’t let me.

So before I even tell her about leaving, I did all the chores she asked and didn’t ask me to do. Fast forward: she let me leave the house BUT without bringing the phone.

(and I was like – how am I supposed to contact you? But nah I didn’t want to talk about that more because she really might change her mind)

Aaron picked me up and when we got there, I had no idea that the dress code was formal attire. I badly wanted to go homeee like dude get me out of here 😭 I thought it was just like last night when JM told us to not wear too formal dresses but it was definitely NOT LIKE THAT.

But I still had fun. Anyway, I told Mama that I’ll be home at 10 so I had to leave early. Time flew really fast and I still wanted to stay but yeah. I have strict parents.

I went home and opened Facebook for a few minutes and the next thing I remember was waking up on the couch at 12:10 am.

I woke up at 7 today and I feel like my blood has been drained. I feel a little bit dizzy but I managed to win a level at Ball Blast with my eyes half shut. I hate how I’m starting to really get hooked with that game after telling my sister yesterday that it’s really boring.

I hopped out of bed and it’s raging outside. You know me, I hate rainy days and I’m supposed to be at church by now. Also, I am the scariest person I know of lightning and thunder. So there’s NO WAY I’m going out.

I was drinking coffee when mama talked about how I always go out during the night and blah blah blah and that leads to me accidentally spilling my morning coffee all over me. Which is ANNOYING.

This is literally the only (and probably the last) weekend I went out late likeeee?

I really thought playing Lush Life by Zara Larsson before I get out of bed would help me spend this day like a Beyonce aka like a queen. Now I’m like ‘Who are you kidding, Ryry?’

And yeah, it’s raining hard at outside. I’m done typing out all the words circulating in my brain and I have this positive feeling that my day will surely not turn out better.

Love you x

I am a terrible baker.

So last week, we baked a cake and I was a total mess. Thanks to Betty, who was my angel, my not-so-fancy cake would be impossible if it wasn’t for her.

TBH, it was supposed to be BEAUTIFUL since it was my first time ever to decorate a cake. And I was so disappointed. The colors didn’t even match, the design was not really impressive, and it was all a failure. Ugh.

My classmates told me that it wasn’t THAT BAD and that it was okay and that I shouldn’t feel bad about it because I’m just a beginner. Well, I LOVE watching Amazing Wedding Cakes & British Bake-off and see astonishing cake designs and I am just so disappointed with how my cake turned out 😟 That’s the problem when you watch pro bakers do it so easily and effortlessly on TV, I guess. You suddenly get that mindset that baking and cake decorating is easy. Well, it’s not.

This is how my cake turned out. I ACTUALLY DON’T WANT TO SHOW IT BUT WHATEVER SMH:





See? It was really basic and there’s nothing extraordinary about it 😂

The frosting was terrible, even though there was a lot of leftover icing like argh. I was so exasperated after seeing some of my classmates’ cakes. I just loathed everything about my cake and sang my heart out to let my emotions out. Surprisingly, it worked.

I’m kind of a perfectionist myself and it’s annoying when you didn’t meet your expectations about your skills.

Well, I think we all have our strengths and weaknesses. And baking is definitely one of my weaknesses 😂 I, therefore, conclude that I’m a terrible baker.

I. miss. sewing. 💔

So… Exams are finally over.

A week of freaking out and slowly dying inside is finally over. And I’m back.

I passed all the exams… I think? Well, I really think I did well. Apart from that, I’ve been to a lot of life experiences for the past week that I feel like I have to share in this blog of mine. I’ve been to a writing competition (which I effed up), my girls – JM & Floresa – celebrated their 18th birthday and I’m so happy for them, plus I baked an ugly-looking cake but really delicious if that makes any sense.

And I’ve missed you!

When you guys told me to take a break, I took it very seriously. I feel like I’m back to really living my life now and I can’t be any happier.

I just finished reading a book that’s FANTASTIC, and I’m gonna write a review about it soon.

Also, I don’t know why I’m writing this now – I just want to kinda have an update about where I am now because where am I btw???

(gosh stop this ryry this whole post isn’t even making any sense)

OK Goodbye. I’m gonna do a post soon about how terrible of a baker I am and I’m gonna show you my cake.

Love you lots so much xx

P.S. my twitter & IG are now alittlebit active hehe
(follow me if u want, if u don’t want to then don’t)
links are on my sidebar 🤪



Stars, Oh Stars.

I look up and there you are, twinkling with delight. I look down and I know you’re still up there, doing good without me. You never really needed me as much as I need you.

I wish you knew. Because I don’t know what I’d do if you’re not there anymore to light me up during my darkest nights. I need you more than you’ll ever know.

Stars, oh stars, don’t leave the lonely sky.